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AFS files

AFS is a source file format of a FilterFactory-made filter. You can try the effect easily by importing it to your Filter Factory (Use [Load...] button and select the afs file). Then, you can also modify the source for your original effect.

Tatsuya Filters AFS Set 1 for Windows

    Includes #001-#100(except #041, #056)
    Made with Megalux Ultimate Paint 2.3, 24k zip archive, 13 NOV 1999

Tatsuya Filters AFS set 1 for Macintosh

    Includes #001-#100(except #073)
    Made with Adobe Photoshop 5.5, 28k sit.hqx archive, 13 DEC 1999

ff windowAfter expanding archive file, you can import the afs files easily with [Load...] button, at bottom left.

Left image shows FF on Photoshop for Macintosh.

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