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Sorry, many Filter Factory sites are missing now.

The Filter Factory Compendium
FAQ, Mailing list, Filters, Bookmarks to FF sites in the world... by Alfredo Luis Mateus, USA
Werner's Filter Factory Homepage
FF Programming Guide, Mailing list archive, Bookmarks, Filters... by Werner.D.Streidt, Germany
MuRa Mucho!
Seamless Filters made with MuRa, Japan
Toad's Slimy Mudhole
Filters, Design Ilya Razmanov, Russia
Ultimate Paint Homepage
The official site of Ultimate Paint, that has the built-in Filter Factory. A paint program for Windows.
Filter Meister Web Site
The Official Site of Filter Meister, a powerful successor of Filter Factory. A Photoshop Plugin for Windows.
Filter Fomula Homepage
The Official Site of FilterFormula, a Photoshop-compatible meta-plugin filter for Windows that allows you to create your own filters. Filter Factory source code compatible.