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Watching coordinates



With % (modulo) operator, that returns the surplus of division, we convert serial numbers into repetition of certain numbers. So, we can convert the result with scl() function into a repetition of gradients like the blind.

To set the width of each strip, use the function ctl() that enables us to use slider controls. Filter Factory GUI has 8 slider controls in 4 pairs labeled "Map 0:" to "Map 3:", and each slider has the index 0 to 7, though not labeled.




Here, let's try to give index numbers (start with 0) to each strip of this blind. Then, we see these numbers are corresponding to the quotients. And more, with % operator and 2 as a divisor, we can get the repetition of 0 and 1.

Wow! Multiplying the result by 255, there appears black and white stripes. Or we can use condition operator ?: , that is, I think, more versatile.

((x/ctl(0))%2)*255 or (x/ctl(0))%2?255:0


Checker board

Let's apply the same idea again on checker board pattern. Adding the x index with y index, the result shows the checker of even numbers and odd numbers. And we can easily convert them into repetition of 0 and 1 with % operator. And then, there appeares a complete checker board. Of course, we can use top slider control to adjust the cell size.